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If you are ordering items for a group of people, please let us know how many so we can include the appropriate amount of napkins, plasticware and condiments for your catering order.

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Deli Sandwiches

Choose from delicious sandwiches prepared on either whole wheat, rye, sourdough bread, herbed baguette, focaccia or a flaky croissant. All of our sandwiches are packed with fresh ingredients that will tempt the taste buds. We have choices for the vegetarian or the meat lover!


Choose Your Deli Sandwiches Below

Deli Sandwiches

Create an assortment. Choose from our delicious menu varieties. Pricing is per person.

Assortment: qty  $8.29
Egg Salad: qty  $6.99
GT Chicken Salad: qty  $8.29
GT Club: qty  $8.29
Ham and Havarti: qty  $8.29
Roast Beef and Swiss: qty  $8.29
Tuna Salad Sandwich: qty  $0.00
Turkey & Cheddar: qty  $8.29
Veggie: qty  $8.29
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